TIG welding

While using TIG-welding (wolfram inert gas arc welding) the electric arc is lit between infusible electrode (pure wolfram or its alloy) and the welded detail in the protective environment of inert gas (argon). The scrape contact ignition is used to start TIG-arc. This process does not ensure high quality welding stitch in the beginning of the welding barrier (compared to the arc created by contact or high-frequency generator).
TIG-welding is used where the highly polished appearance and minimal after post-processing is required. It requires a correct preparation and cleanliness of the edges of welded objects. The material of a melting rod electrode must have similar qualities with the material that is being welded. The protective gas is always pure argon. The amount of gas varies depending on the welding flow. The welders are qualified and possess EN287-1,141,T, BW certificate and perform welding procedures according to the European standard EN 288-3 : 1992+A1:1997, which is set as Estonian standard EVS-EN 288-3:1998 and ratified with a Standards Board directive no 22 in 28.April 1998.